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Tharsos Society

Tharsos was founded in October 2016 as a society for students interested in trading.

In 2020, the group underwent a strategic restructuring in which we transitioned from trading to the reporting of financial news. The response was phenomenal. Applications rose by over 200%, the senior committee grew from 4 to 11, our newsletters got read by over 10,000 people and after 4 years of standing alone, Tharsos was finally granted affiliation with the UCL Union.


Our bi-weekly newsletter focuses on developments within 4 main markets: commodities, currencies, equities and emerging markets. M&A Transactions is the latest addition.


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We cover M&A activity spanning across 8 sectors.

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Inclusive, Accessible 

& High-Achieving

The UCL M&A Group may be the UK's largest of its kind but we are still a tight-knit community. 

We are looking for individuals who seek to be a part of a group of like-minded people and who will give back to the group upon succeeding.


Upon joining, you will be added into our social media channels including our alumni network where meaningful relationships will be made.

Besides writing reports, we will be hosting mock AC/interviews with our more senior members; discussions with recruiters; talks with M&A bankers and socials for students to ensure they are building their network.