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Tharsos Society

‘Tharsos News’ is UCL’s bi-weekly newsletter which is circulated across campus and enjoyed by many.


Initially, the newsletter focussed solely on the performance of equities, commodities and currencies. In 2020 emerging markets and M&A transactions were added and this has enabled us to increase our coverage.

Increasing Accessibility

We have over 80 analyst positions.

If you are passionate and driven we will give you that boost to enhance your application for a career within the city.

Why Accessibility?

In 2020, Tharsos was granted affiliation with the UCL Union. This was because, as a group, we were renowned for our accessibility. There were no quotas on analyst positions and we were able to create many opportunities for students looking to gain invaluable experience.

This ethos is also upheld within the M&A Group. We accept applications from all students, regardless of their background or the discipline they are studying. If you are passionate about M&A, driven and committed then we want you in our team.

We care about accessibility as we know that certain backgrounds are ill prepared when arriving at university. From missing out on first year rep positions to not knowing what a ‘spring week’ is. We have been there and we bridge that gap. We also offer students from less represented universities to write reports in our ‘Access’ team.

An analyst spot within our society is prestigious. Our division heads have secured internship and graduate roles at some of the world’s leading investment banks such as J.P. Morgan and Perella Weinberg Partners. By joining us as an analyst, you will be taken under the Division Head’s wing with the aim of improving your skill set and guiding you into the city.

Strategic partnerships with organisations such as CityStep help us achieve an inclusive and supportive environment.