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Aemilia Baker

Head of Energy & Power

Member Since September 2020


I am Aemilia and I will be joining the UCL M&A Group as the sector head of Energy & Power. I am due to start my third year of Chemical Engineering at UCL in September. I have completed spring weeks at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse and will be completing a summer internship in IBD at Morgan Stanley next year. This summer, I am participating in a virtual internship at Mercer Wealth. I am part of the UCL Lightning Cheerleading team and president of Project Impactive, a non-profit organisation at UCL that works with disabled individuals to develop bespoke accessibility equipment.

My interest in the Energy & Power sector was sparked in my chemical engineering studies and in my part time role in a science museum, which is home to the oldest working steam engine. I developed this interest further as a sponsorship executive for the G3 Energy Summit.

I am excited to join the M&A group and work with curious and motivated individuals to analyse transactions, understand businesses and evaluate industry trends. In my previous experience of leading a consulting project with London Strategic Consulting, I thoroughly enjoyed working in a diverse team to develop useful insights for a client. I look forward to using the skills built through such experiences when leading the Energy & Power group.

During the upcoming next year, I am excited to work with the UCL M&A Group to have an impact through outreach initiatives and support the development of new skills and understanding for our members.