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Patrick Gorton


Member Since June 2020

Hi Everyone,

I’m a third-year student studying Economics and Business with East European Studies; this year I will be studying in both Germany and Russia as part of my ‘Year Abroad’.

Arriving at UCL, I felt there was a lack of opportunities for students who wanted to get involved in financial societies. In January 2019, I came across a relatively unknown trading club called ‘The Tharsos Group’ and I was made a Commodities Analyst. Having that experience propelled my confidence. Prior to this, I was demotivated. I had not secured a first-year rep position, I had been mass rejected by investment banks for Spring Weeks and I felt as though the societies at university didn’t have enough roles for first-years. Having this position at The Tharsos Group gave me the courage to strive forward. In the months to follow, I was elected VP of Socials at the UCL EFS, offered a role on a competitive programme at Deutsche Bank, and in June 2019, I was asked to take on the position of President at Tharsos and thus I decided to dedicate my time to this.

As President of Tharsos, I aimed to provide as many students as possible the opportunity to gain experience as I had seen the benefits of having demonstrated interest in finance on my CV. I thus decided to restructure the group and promote an ethos of accessibility. Tharsos, now a financial news provider, was granted official society status by the UCL Union and this is an achievement I am very proud of. Upon completing my role as President, I decided to implement the UCL M&A Group as I felt it would solidify Tharsos’ position as the UCL Financial Newsletter whilst also offering over 80 students (including a team of external candidates from less represented backgrounds) the ability to gain some experience. I believe the group will be a great success and I am highly grateful for the support we have received.

As per my experience, I have interned in both accountancy and investment management firms in Brighton, and this year I secured Spring Weeks at Lazard, Rothschild & Co, and McKinsey & Company. Outside of career goals/academia, I like to keep active. I have boxed at ammeter level, played rugby for Sussex, and ran the Brighton marathon (albeit slowly). I am also a keen yet somewhat untalented freestyle rapper and my passion is traveling.

I can’t wait to grow this group over the next 2 years and I feel confident that the UCL Tharsos Society is on track in becoming one of the biggest and most inclusive societies on campus.